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Enchanted Chocolate

Enchanted Chocolate special raw chocolateI have been making raw chocolate for 10 years, and created the Enchanted Chocolate brand in late 2016.

It took a while to find the name but I’ve always been dedicated to making high vibration raw chocolate of the best quality.

My mission is to create Raw Chocolate to be Experienced.
As you will discover (or perhaps you already have?), this is no ordinary chocolate.

I encourage you to enjoy your chocolate mindfully, taking a quiet moment to savour the texture and follow the journey of flavours, and discover the unique energetic signature of each recipe. 



What makes Enchanted Chocolate so special?

Aah, it is made with love and mantras and intention. Each bar carries a different flavour and high vibration energy. I use non-sugar ingredients plus superfoods and sacred music to create the character of the chocolate.

There is a journey of flavours and energy that lands and unfolds in the body and the chakras. If you eat it mindfully, you will feel it too. It is a chocolate to be experienced.

My chocolate is medicine. People often comment on the healing qualities, saying they can feel the love that goes into the chocolate and calling it divine. Others have used Enchanted Chocolate to support them through particular projects like yoga teacher training or writing a dissertation.

That’s why I created my Raw Chocolate Club, to offer a 'repeat prescription' each month. 


Where does the magic come from?

It all starts in my heart. There is a quality of presence that imbues Enchanted Chocolate - and indeed any of my cooking or un-cooking.

Each bar has a sacred mantra or music as part of the recipe. The mantra supports the intention of the bar. Everything is energy, right, so the musical background to the creation of the chocolate becomes as much a part of the bar as the physical ingredients.

I don’t use any refined sugar but this isn't bitter dark chocolate, not at all. I love to combine healthier, low GI ingredients to create an evolving journey of sweetness in each mouthful. The bars range from 82% cacao at the darker end, to 68% at the creamier, sweeter end of the scale.

I have a cupboard full of superfoods and I get a kick out of finding new combinations to create magic in my chocolate bars. They come from the Amazon, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

I love using essential oils to give an intensity of flavour. Rose is an eternal favourite, and to my surprise, orange is a new favourite. It features in two of my bars - Playful and Three Gifts. From a childhood of eating Chocolate Orange at Christmas time, I poopooed orange  but I have discovered that its freshness works really well with the darkness of my chocolate.

I am totally inspired by beauty and whenever I make food, it has to be beautiful as well as delicious. So I decorate my chocolate bars with edible flowers, berries or edible gold which give a clue to the energy experience in the bar.

So at the end of the day, this adds up to the magic coming from the sky and the earth, Father Sky and Mother Earth, from the divine. Making this chocolate is the expression of my soul, channelled through this heart and these hands. What a blessing to offer this gift. Sat nam. Alhamdulillah. Que asi sea. 


On the subject of beauty, my eternal gratitude to Paulina Nienartowicz for the art photographs of Enchanted Chocolate on this site. Check out @artrawpaulina on Instagram to be wowed by more of her work. And to the very gifted Mark Thompson for the logo and label design.