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How to eat this chocolate

Alchemy and Energy Medicine in a Raw Chocolate bar

Each bar is designed with a different energy and flavour. 

I suggest you take a quiet moment to savour the experience. 

The flavours in the chocolate evolve and keep on going even after you have swallowed the mouthful, so I invite you not to rush it. 

Feel into your body and your aura (energy field) and see where the chocolate ‘lands’.  Your experience may be different from the one I have described, and you may feel nothing at all, but rest assured the effect is there.

Why not try it mindfully yourself and see how it affects you?

Energy & Ecstasy raw chocolate with swirling pattern in the centre of the heart mould

This is a bar of raw chocolate I made for colleagues at a workshop on Energy & Ecstasy. I made the chocolate in a big heart-shaped mould and in the centre there appeared a swirling pattern.

The energy of the chocolate cycled through all the chakras and back around in a full circle – just like the pattern. This is magical chocolate!


Perhaps you would like to create a ritual space for your chocolate experience?

Chocolate Ceremony with raw chocolate Self Love Heart

These Self Love Hearts were delivered to Sylvie in France who made a Chocolate Ceremony in her favourite spot in nature.


Storing your Raw Chocolate bar

Please store the chocolate in a cool, dry place, avoiding strong flavours and wide variations in temperature.

You can store the chocolate in the fridge if you want, but this is not necessary as the chocolate has been tempered. If the chocolate has been chilled, I recommend you let it come to room temperature before you eat it. This will make the flavours more available for your delight.  

Best eaten within 3 months (if you can keep it that long).