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Testimonials for Enchanted Chocolate

Sacred Love gold raw chocolate“I love dark chocolate. These Sacred Love chocolate bars are the best in the world. They are slightly sweet but with some deliciously complex flavours, and the texture is divine. Simply a wonderful treat.”

Jan Day 
Workshops in intimacy, conscious relationship and authentic connection


Love Supreme raw chocolate

“This is a cacao ceremony in a bar”

Andrew, London
regular attendee of cacao ceremonies





Sacred Love gold raw chocolate“I wanted to thank you so much for your precious golden chocolate. What a delicate and subtle gift you have!!!”

Angelika Baumbach, USA
Sacred musician and singer in Mirabai Ceiba
describing Sacred Love chocolate
(her song is part of the recipe ♡)



Love Supreme raw chocolate“So luxurious to taste the sweetness and heart in Aradhana’s love chocolate”


Jamie Catto
musician, film maker, author, creative catalyst
describing Love Supreme



Blissful Beloveds - The King and The Queen raw chocolate bars“Sublime Chocolate made with pure love. Music and Mantra medicine for sure. Love & Grace”

Carmen Belle White
Visionary Artist & Singer
tasting the Blissful Beloveds



Sacred Love gold raw chocolate“I’m out shoe shopping with my very picky teenage daughter. The only thing that’s keeping me sane is your chocolate! I have a bar in my pocket and am taking a little bite as we leave each shop… It’s like my packet of cigarettes, only very delicious and DIVINE xxxx”  

Mona, UK
medicating with Sacred Love chocolate



Sacred Love gold raw chocolate“This chocolate of yours is amazing! We started on the gold one this morning. It has a beautifully complex taste that melts into a myriad of flavours. We could feel it move through the body. And we had a miraculous day afterwards. Really wonderful.”

Simon, Peak District National Park
tasting Sacred Love chocolate



Raw Chocolate bars wrapped in gold

“Your chocolate is heavenly delicious…it arrived this morning and it is so beautifully packed… I was excited like a little girl before Christmas Eve…this evening finally I unwrapped looked at all these beautiful bars and hearts… the smell already made me fall in love… I chose a little heart and took some sacred time for the two of us… thank you so much for this gift …orgasm for the mouth the heart…soulsuperfood <3 <3 <3 LOVE TO YOU”

Sylvie, France
member of Aradhana's Raw Chocolate Club


Chocolate for a Goddess limited edition raw chocolate“… this chocolate is not to be mindlessly scoffed …”

Sarah, Yoga teacher
describing Chocolate for a Goddess (limited edition)